Vic and Stu on the Tues Ep. 18 Star Wars Rouge One and Behind the Music: The White Bandanas

Click here to Listen-> Vic and Stu Ep 18 Star Wars Rogue One and Behind the Music:White Bandanas

Dan “The Deer” Suthers joins the ‘Vic and Stu on the Tues’ crew to discuss their thoughts on the new Star Wars movie, Rouge One. We talk about our favorite characters from the movie, and try an impression along the way. As previously promised on the Will King podcast, we then go behind the music with an in-depth story on our Rock Band Rock Band “The White Bandanas”.  Dan has a bone to pick about his role in the band after being snubbed in the last discussion of the band. Emotions run high on the podcast as true feelings comes out. Will there be peace brought to this conflict? Which Star Wars character was impersonation? Will Carlos ever play an instrument besides the Drum Pedal? All these questions answered on Vic and Stu on the Tues.

We are doing a SuperBowl Squares contest to fund raise for Victor’s Boston Marathon Charity. 10$ buys a square. Top Prize is 200$. Venmo @VictorRun to buy a square. Buy as many as you want. Donation page is here:


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