Ep 34 Southern Charm Savannah with W. Nelson Lewis, Jr.

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Southern Charm Savannah star W. Nelson Lewis Jr. joins the boys on this weeks pod to discuss what it’s been like being on TV, reactions in Savannah and any other questions you may have. Stay tuned till the end to hear a cameo from his co-star Ashley Borders as she joins us at the end to discuss her worse date stories.

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Our guest Nelson Lewis is a media strategist based in his hometown of Savannah, Georgia. Nelson was fortunate to be able to start his career in media at his family owned ABC and FOX affiliates WJCL/WTGS as the market’s first youth reporter in 1995. After completing his undergraduate degree summa cum laude in journalism studies, Lewis worked in Washington D.C., enthused by the intersection of power, politics and press following a summer internship on Capitol Hill. He joined the booking unit at Fox News Channel in Washington, D.C. booking and producing weekend news segments and made frequent appearances on the network’s web series Greta Live Wire with Greta Van Susteren. After serving as the senior producer of The Laura Ingraham Show, Lewis co-created America’s first women’s-focused sports network: Her Golf Network.  Lewis is an alumnus of Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL and Georgetown University’s Graduate School of Continuing Studies in Journalism in Washington and holds membership at the National Press Club in Washington, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences National Capital Chapter, the Old Dominion Boat Club, the St. David’s Society of Savannah and previously served on the Friends of the Organization of American States’ Art Museum of the Americas. Additionally, Lewis is a seventh great-grandchild of Declaration of Independence signer Thomas Nelson, Jr., the fourth governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and also a grandson of late Savannah mayor, entrepreneurial titan and philanthropist J.C. Lewis, Jr. – one of Georgia’s leading figures of the 20th century.

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