Vic and Stu Ep 36: Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez

VIc and Stu on the Tues Ep 36

On this week’s episode, we bring in top-10 ranked Major League Eating competitor and  contestant on this years Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez. Join us as we go behind the scenes with MLE’s bad boy, learn what goes into training and how to split time between being a competitive eater and a personal trainer.

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Also the lucky winner of the Bananas shirt give away is…. wait for it…. Walker Watson! Congratulations Walker we’ll be in touch about getting you the bananas T-shirt of your choosing. Thanks to all of the participants and we have decided to reward the most diehard participants by giving 10 entries for the next giveaway to all those who crossed the 10 entry threshold. That means that Anna Martin, Elizabeth Pirkle, Zach Boven will receive 10 entries in the next give away and Ashal Patel will receive 20 entries for being the lone entrant to cross the 20 entry threshold. Thanks to all who participated and be looking out for our next big give away!

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