Vic and Stu Ep. 41 Jason Adam Katzenstein

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On this weeks Vic and Stu on the Tues, we are joined by the New Yorker cartoonist Jason Adam Katzenstein. We get into the career of a cartoonist, the method that goes into creating, drawing cartoons in the age of Trump and even brainstorm a couple ideas. If you are interested in the book he illustrated, you can buy Camp Midnight here.

After that, the boys get into some segments. We have a listener story to follow up from our “American Vandal” conversation last week, updates on Ecuador, Vic’s weird food story of the week and a new segment “Beagle Update”. Of course we recap our contest, and we are definitely still searching for more entries to #NameTheKing.

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Vida La Vic #3: Journey to the Middle of the World

Many people reading this probably are probably aware that I ran the Boston Marathon in April, and may have even donated to the cause. Running was not a common activity of mine before training for it, but it became a hobby that I found helped me clear my mind and relax. After getting settled into my apartment and figuring out my other moving needs, I’ve been trying to go on runs to get a better feel for the neighborhood and other parts of the city. Despite the hills and altitude (which I am going to blame instead of my laziness), I managed to get through some forest and elevation to make it to Bellavista Park. It’s a little off the normal path, and provided some great views of the neighborhood I was living and working in. Also there was a dog park, and I will always enjoy a trip to a dog park.

Oh, that’s where I am.


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Vida La Vic #2 Quito’s Old Town

One of the things I was most looking forward to Ecuador was the food. Sampling the local cuisine is a favorite travel experience of mine, and I know in my time here I am going to eat it all. However, coming in without Ecuadorian food knowledge or a strong hold on the Spanish language has led to a couple of funny situations so far. One standout: during one of my first meals here, I mistook the Ecuadorian classic Aji sauce as a small soup….and had a couple spoonfuls. While I will say it was delicious and I have no regrets, I noticed weird looks from the wait staff and quickly put together that it was not meant to be eaten as soup. However, it is everywhere, and people put it on everything. I’m sure it wont be the last mistake I make.

I want to focus on this week’s blog on the time I spent in Quito’s Old Town, known as the best preserved historic center in the Americas. It does not take long to figure out why it was named the first ever World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The city center is booming with stores, street food and buildings that are hundreds of years old.

I started my tour in the heart of the city, La Independencia Plaza. The plaza is easy to identify from the huge monument in the middle celebrating the country’s independence. This city center was just an empty plot of land until the Spanish built churches around the 16th century. You will notice this trend a lot in Quito, because the Spanish pushed religion on native Ecuadorians when they colonized the country. In the city center alone, you are surrounded by the President’s office (Palicio de Goberino), Archbishop’s palace (which is now a bunch of restaurants), and the Cathedral of Quito (an enormous church filled with history).

Plaza De La Independencia

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Vic and Stu On the Tues Ep.40 Vic is in Ecuador

Vic and Stu Episode 40

Missed you guys last week, but this week we get back into it. We take time catching up with the boys with Stu’s move to #Atlanta and Vic’s big move to #Quito, #Ecuador. We have our first international pod to talk about adjusting to life in Ecuador.

We shake things up with some new segments including Twitter Beefs, What to Watch and odd restaurant story. Like us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and make sure to listen on our to enter our brand new content. Not to spoil anything, but this is the most important contest we’ve ever had. Here’s our iTunes link, leave a review to get entered:

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Vida La Vic #1: The First Week

If you asked me a year ago, I would have never bet that I’d be spending six months in Ecuador. (With that being said, I’m not a great gambler.) The process seemed to happen so fast. It started with an HR email asking around for people interested working in Quito, and next thing I know it was a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ I’d be going.

The fateful Friday arrives; after almost a week back home in Savannah, GA, I’m heading to the airport to spend six months in Quito, Ecuador. One very delayed flight, another night in Savannah, ten hours in the Atlanta airport and one international fight later, I touch down almost 10K feet in Ecuador late Saturday night. I met my ride as I exited customs, and left for my AirBnB. The ride is over half an hour, but the driver was extremely polite and patient with the Spanish I know. It’s nice to get practice with the language, but I quickly learned that holding a conversation with people isn’t going to be like a Rosetta Stone lesson.

Snapchat proof Quito is high above sea level.

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Ep 39 Jeanna Thomas Falcons Beat Reporter

Click here to listen —> Vic and Stu Ep 39 Jeanna Thomas

On this week’s pod, we do a little Falcons preview with SB Nation and Falcoholic reporter Jeanna Thomas (@jeannathomas) where she gives us the inside scoop for all we want to know. If you need season predictions, knowledge on the best ping pong players in the locker room or potentially the best worst date story we’ve heard, then you need to listen now.

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Ep 38 Reid Hailey AKA Shithead Steve

Check it out here -> Vic and Stu on the Tues Ep 38 ShitheadSteve

On this week’s episode, meme curator Reid Hailey AKA shitheadsteve AKA trashcanpaul AKA animals/kids/drunkpeople doing things joins the pod for a discussion on all things meme.  Ever wanted to start your own meme channel, interested in knowing the first steps, what about the work that goes into it? Check it out now for all those questions and more, including your favorite segments of Vic’s Crazy News Story, the dreaded two questions and a brand new segment of Disney Channel Movie Wikipedia Game.

Check out Reid’s site here: and his Instagram  for great memes.

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